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Debbie MerrillDebbie Merrill

Excellent... Figure Skater
USFSA Silver Medallist

Excellent Roller Skater & In-Line-Skater
(Able To Skate On Plastics) IISA Certified Skating InstructorLevels I & Levels II, and with over twenty years of "real life" hands on teaching experience! Debbie is also an accomplished dancer and choreographer with skills in many dance types including Hip-Hop, Disco, Lambada, Jazz and Samba. Accentsinclude New York, Italian & Spanish. Debbie is also an accomplished instructor for: Tennis, Swimming, Cyclist, Yoga and Horseback Riding,  and even Billiards!

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Debbie Merrill - Certified Instructor

Debbie Merrill
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  Santa Monica Beach"
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HEIGHT: 5'2"




                       Debbie Merrill


As the owner of Debbie Merrill's "Skate Great USA" formally the "Glide With Pride School of Skating(TM)", located in Santa Monica, California, Debbie has taught thousands of students from all over the world, ages 4-84, how to Inline-Skate.  She is IISA Certified, an award winning dancer, USFSA Silver Medallist figure skater, actress, choreographer and spokesperson, Debbie brings an exciting range of talents to her work.

An accomplished actress as well as international roller and ice skating performer, Debbie's appearances include the film "L.A.Story" and on Broadway "The Marriage Of Figaro", playing the role of 'Franchette' on roller skates!  The play's director, Andre Cerban, specifically wanted Debbie to choreograph the unique and intricate skating sequences in the play which were widely hailed up and down the 'Great White Way'!

Another precedent setting performance for Debbie, waswhen she was commissioned by The White House to perform for the American employees or ARAMCO Oil Company in Saudi Arabia and i.e. skated on a special surface of silicone ice!  Debbie is also the first and only award-winning Rolling Sambista (Brazilian Samba Dancer On In-Line Skates), and bringing it to THE HOUSE OF BLUES in Los Angeles.

Ms. Merrill loves performing and her 10-years on the road with ice skating shows such as "Spice On Ice", "Jubilee On Ice", "Knott's Berry Farms and others, as featured performer, choreographer and pair skater, have enhanced her teaching, which she has been actively doing for the past 20-years.

Debbie has appeared in many national TV commercials and most recently appeared as celebrity skater on "Great Day America", "CBS Skate Workout", "Good Day LA"., "KCOP-13 News", "Prime Sports Network", "HBO" and "The Learning Channel".  Debbie also starred on a weekly cable TV show which focused on skating for health.  She also teaches Yoga and offers her knowledge and experience with vegetarianism and raw foods.

The SAG/AFTRA/AEA actress has made scores of personal appearances and/or coached her unique style and safety techniques to an impressive list of actors and celebrities in top films such as "L.A.Story", "Anna Karenina", "White Men Can't Jump" "Scrooged", "Crocodile Dundee", "Prizzi's Honor", "TwoGether", "The January Man" and others.  'Merrill Magic', has touched the sets of TV favorites "NYPD Blue", "Party Of Five", "General Hospital", "One Life To Live", "Perfect Strangers", "Mad About You" and "As The World Turns".

Debbie's list of celebrity clients includes Steve Martin,Juliette Lewis, Los Angeles' Mayor Richard Riordan, Geena Davis, Mary Elizabeth Mastroantonio, Kim Delaney, "Downtown" Julie Brown and Melanie Griffith and Family, as well as thousands of health-conscious men and women, who come from all over the world to Southern California to learn from the very best!

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