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Liz Miller, IISA-Certified FIT & Level 2 Instructor &
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former LA Mayor, Richard Riordan


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Click Here For Location Information"Achieve proficiency, in In-line or Roller Skating, by avoiding bad habits and learning proper techniques. My personalized lessons combine more than twenty years'  skating experience and with psychological insight, an upbeat approach and respect for each students uniqueness and creativity. The basic premise of my instruction is that all  possess the potential for increased athletic ability, happiness, health and success.  Our instructions are designed to empower each student with an ever increasing sense of connection to this potential. To a large extent skating is a meditation. You feel a greater force alive within you when you are in it's creative, poetic motion."




ABC TV's  Jimmy Kimmel Live featured "Debbie Merrill" in this special episode and you can see it right here now! Click picture or this YouTube link.



Los Angeles and San Francisco Carnival Parades
Paramount Studios
Performance for Homestead Hospice Association
Center For Early Education
Corterlain School
St.Monica's Smash Action
Hollywood Museum Performance for Hathaway Children's & Family Services

Skate Great USA founder, Debbie Merrill, fell in love with inline skating when it first debuted on Venice Beach, California in 1985. A silver medalist in U.S. figure skating, she opened California’s first inline skating school, "Glide With Pride", in the summer of 1986 because she wanted to bring the artistry of figure skating out of the ice rink and onto the beach.

Skate Great USA’s mission is to make learning to skate SAFE, FUN and EASY. All Skate Great USA instruction incorporates Debbie’s teaching philosophy and her emphasis of the skater’s edge. “Understanding the edge is the key to right technique,“ explains Debbie, ”and right technique is the key to great skating.” The Quick Edge™ and Edge Master™ programs taught by Skate Great USA evolved out of Debbie Merrill’s more than 20 years of experience teaching all forms of skating as well as dancing.

Skate Great USA offers group and private classes for both adult and children in recreational inline, roller and ice skating. We also offer custom classes in specialties including skateboarding, hockey, extreme, distance, fitness, dance and figure skating. All instruction includes technique demonstration, move breakdown and supervised practice with monitoring and adjusting from expert Skate Great USA instructors.

We’ve successfully taught our program to more than 10,000 students from all over the world. Let us teach you how to "get rolling" today!

Inline & Roller Skating at Perry’s Cafe #2
At 2400 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica Beach
Click here for location information

Skate Great USA is Fully Licensed and Insured

With double certifications from the International Inline Skaters Association (IISA), Debbie knows that there is a big difference between taking a skating lesson and learning to skate. “Learning to skate is a process, not an event,” explains Debbie. “You will learn more in one Skate Great USA lesson than most other schools teach in five. But, becoming a great skater requires continuity and commitment which is why most of our students take our multi-lesson courses.”

Debbie Merrill’s clients range from major celebrities to school children and from absolute beginners to competition-level skaters. In addition to private instruction, she provides inline, roller and ice skating consulting, coaching, choreography, casting and location scouting. Debbie is also available through her agent for demonstrations, exhibitions and performances (SAG/AFTRA/AEA).


An international skating show performer, Debbie also is the founder and choreographer of "Taste of Brazil" and "LA Hot Wheels" Skate Dance Troupes.


Times, Rates and Duration

Classes are one hour in length.
Regular rates are charged Monday thru Friday from 10am–5pm.
Weekends and all other times are considered Premium Hours.
Call 310-625-0059 for appointments.

Rates for special services*, instruction at your location, during weekends or Premium Hours are priced separately. Quotes for contracting days or for longer periods are available upon request.

*Special services include Choreography,
 Casting, Location Scouting and Consulting.

IISA Certified Instructor
(Levels I & II) 

US Figure Skating Association
Silver Medalist
Phone 310-625-0059

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